March 23, 2023


This is the Original Concepts and Ideas for theBAND competition by the Founders of theBAND Rosli Rahman.

theBAND is the latest Reality TV Program and talent search program initiated by A search program for talented musicians around the world to become rock legends. theBAND aims to open up space and build a strong platform for musicians to showcase their true talents.

theBAND also aims to produce new popular artists, musicians and bands. This is because the voting system is 100% online. Votes come from music fans around the world where they will only vote for participants they want, like, follow current and popular trends.

theBAND is currently looking for a future Rockstar by competing in 7 (seven) Categories. The categories are VOCALIST, GUITARIST, BASSIST, DRUMMER, KEYBOARDIST, SONGWRITER and FULL BAND.

Battle of theBAND is activated on a monthly basis to find the Monthly Champion for the 5 categories competed. Five (5) categories were competed, namely VOCALIST (Singer), GUITARIST (Lead Guitarist), BASSIST (Bass Guitarist), DRUMMER (Drummer) and FULL BAND (Band).