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Spar Urethane Vs Polyurethane

(You should do this anyway to line up the brush strokes with the grain.) Most of the bubbles will disappear. In fact, the only benefit gained by thinning is faster drying. The thinner the layer of any finish, the faster it dries, and the sooner it can be sanded and the next coat applied. Myths are much more prevalent in finishing than in woodworking because finishes are chemistry, and you can’t always “see” differences in chemistry.

The solution dries fast and allows you to recoat in just one hour. Waterborne polyurethane products are pretty easy to apply. First off, these hardwood floor finishes only contain trace amounts of VOCs . As a result, you do not have to worry about adverse health effects. These qualities make them much more tolerable during and after application.

Both Bona and Loba are good options, but Bona is a bit safer as it has stood the test of time. Hi Michelle – Yes, I remember speaking to you on the phone. It is very possible that they used nordic sealer , but someone needs to look at that in person. But, it doesn’t look like that’s the cause of the streaks. It almost looks like there is some oil on the floor there, but no idea how that could have happened. I spoke to your colleague at Tribeca Flooring today and he suggested that maybe the flooring sub didn’t properly mix the two-part Bona poly product.

How To Choose A Finish

I’d probably seal with a water-based poly, or blonde shellac . You’ll definitely need two coats of sealer with a steel-wool rub in between, no matter what you choose. But previously applied poly (oil-based in this case) should be cleaned and sanded a little bit just to make the surface smooth and increase the adhesion. 35 years ago when I started varathane vs minwax polyurethane building our house I went to the saw mill, bought 3k bdft, 1.25″ and some 2.25″ red oak, had it kiln dried, planed, sanded, etc. We used the oak on woodwork, stairs, floors; didn’t stain any of it. That has held up great for 30 years , now I can’t find it online, I don’t know the real name, and I can’t find an old can in the tool shed.

It dries and cures a bit faster, especially over the the 1st hours. Often the terms Bona Traffic and Bona Traffic HD are used interchangeably (I often catch myself doing this, especially when I’m speaking with a customer). Bona Traffic HD is a little better than the original Bona Traffic. It costs a bit more, but it’s not a significant difference in price. This article also provides links so that you can check out the products further and even purchase them online. On another note you may be just the person to pull advice from.

Make the right choice for metal coating for the right application – Design World Network

Make the right choice for metal coating for the right application.

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It has a four color range; brown, clear, off- white and white. Minwax wood filler and wood putty are designed to fill small holes and spaces on the wood and ensure an even wooden surface. They are advantageous as they come in two coats of the same color; giving either thicker or thinner coating according to preference. Minwax wood stains enhances the appearance of the wood giving it a nice decorative appearance. The polyshades produce a smoother and deeper colored finish and a protective coating to your wood as it is waterproof.

Fast-dryingwater-based polyurethaneand its newer water-based oil-modified cousin can be applied with a fine-bristle brush, foam roller, spray, or rag. If applying over an oil-based stain, rough up the stain with a little bit of steel wool so the new coat of polyurethane will adhere better. Also, keep in mind that the more watery the polyurethane, the thinner it is—and the more coats it will require. It is durable, less smelly, has a lower content of volatile organic compounds , and dries much faster.


It is great for furniture, but it’s not recommended to apply it near sources of heat, such as a radiator or fireplace. In its liquid form, polyurethane is used as a coating for a variety of products. On the downside, the product starts to discolor over time, and it’s easy to scratch. It can be harder to apply flawlessly, but it dries quickly and leaves an attractive, polished finish.

varathane vs minwax polyurethane

However, customers report that it does not work well if you intend to use it as a spray. Nevertheless, it works great for indoor or outdoor projects and, in particular, exterior doors. Because this product tends to apply itself more thickly, you don’t have to worry about pesky brush marks. It is one of the more expensive products, but it is well worth the extra cost.

However, this does produce more fumes and should be avoided by anyone sensitive to this. While all of the products mentioned thus far have been synthetic, shellac is a natural product. It is obtained from the secretion of the female lac bug with a solvent, usually alcohol. This makes shellac a very safe option for households with kids or pets. Beating lacquer two to one, polyurethane is our winner based on these criteria.

The Varathane Premium oil-based Floor Finish is painstakingly formulated to provide optimum protection for hardwood floors. Varathane Premium Oil-Based Clear Floor Finish provides outstanding scratch and stain resistance to keep your interior hardwood floors looking great. It is recommended for interior bare hardwood floors as it would not give good results when used on surfaces such as linoleum, vinyl, glazed tiles or metal.

If this area is trafficked by the public, it could even expose you to legal liabilities. Thus, I would generally recommend the water-based polyurethane for a floor job. This is a crucial factor to consider regarding the surface you want to finish. For surfaces that require regular cleaning polys with ease of cleaning should be applied. Like many other water-based polyurethanes, this one has a self-leveling feature, which basically means that it will settle naturally, forming a smooth layer on top. While many products will tout the benefits of this feature, some of them don’t produce a noticeable difference.

Wood conditioner or pre-stain acts as a base coat before staining by filling in the wood pores for more even color coverage. These formulas are usually non-yellowing and easy to maintain. Keep in mind that most water-based polyurethanes only provide superior protection when they are applied in layers. Since they conceal scratches and scuffs, they are popular options for high-traffic areas. However, sheen selection usually comes down to personal preference.

Interior: Water

This particular stain has a Natural Cedar color, but the brand offers other shades, as well. The stain penetrates deep into wood in minutes, no matter the temperature outside, and dries to a durable, flat finish that resists chipping, cracking, and flaking. Plus, there’s no back-brushing necessary, making application significantly easier, and if you ever need to reapply, you don’t have to sand or strip the wood. When you’re shopping for wood stain, it’s important to consider the object you’re planning to use it on. There are different formulas for interior vs. exterior use, and many exterior stains also include a sealant to increase the durability of the finished product.

  • I was looking through some articles on the best poly to put on some outdoor furniture, and I think I’ve settled on water-based spar urethane.
  • If the coating you have applied peels off really easily it is good to remove it completely and apply a new coating following the tips above.
  • However, I specified Bona Traffic HD Commercial Extra Matte for that floor (no color/stain), and we are having some issues.
  • How long do you want this polyurethane to last, both after its initial application and before it is even used?
  • Myself, I would probably use a Minwax stain, they’re pretty good.
  • They are fast drying and can be easily clean with soap water.
  • Being a clear coat, it highlights the natural beauty of wood, although it adheres well over water-based wood stains.
  • The choice should be based on the specific project that you are doing.
  • This product is meant to be used on wooden floors, and it does its job very well indeed.
  • Minwax® helps you select the ideal stain color for your wood project.
  • Both Varathane and Minwax wood stains and finishes in a wide variety of colors and styles.

This finish can provide many benefits to wooden surfaces, but it is important to understand the different types of polyurethane available and methods to take when using it. Our article should have covered everything you needed to know to prepare you for applying coats of polyurethane to a wooden surface. Spraying polyurethane is applied as if it was spray paint.

How Do I Get A Smooth Polyurethane Finish?

The natural wood floor finish enhances the color and grain of all types of hardwood. If brush marks are left behind after applying the polyurethane, they can be sanded away with very fine sandpaper. Make sure to sand this down evenly, then wipe away and clean off any dust left behind. Rather apply more thin coats of polyurethane, as thicker coats are more prone to producing brush marks.

Whether you choose to stain your wood project or not, it is important that you protect the wood with a clear finish, such as polyurethane. Varnishes that contain a larger amount of oil to resin are called long oil varnishes. Varnishes that contain a lower amount of oil are called medium oil varnishes.

Polyurethane Brands I Would Avoid:

Before you apply polyurethane, you need to mix it with the desired quantity of mineral spirits. After dust, the next difficulty that woodworkers face while using polyurethane is bubbles. From when you first touch the liquid until you complete applying the finish, you need to prevent air from entering into the liquid, especially on your paintbrush. After scuffing, wipe the surface with a rag dipped in thinner for removing dust particles. Once the thinner has thoroughly dried, you can start to apply the next coat.

varathane vs minwax polyurethane

Afterwards I applied a water based matte poly, because I didn’t want any yellow tint to show on the light gray color . With a water based poly, you have unlimited coats available. Oil based polyurethane, on the other hand, is prone to “sheeting,” scratching or chipping after the first couple layers. While wood stains add color and bring out the beauty of the wood, clear finishes protect the wood and enhance its beauty.

For less color wipe immediately; for more color allow the full 5 minutes for absorption. Do not let the stain set longer than 5 minutes as it will begin to dry. Bona is a Swedish wood floor finish that offers professional-grade coverage for a fraction of the cost of a professional woodworker. This polyurethane product protects hardwood boards from scrapes, scuffs, and other marks. Most homeowners appreciate the finish’s minimal drying time, minimal VOC content, and non-existent odor. Applying polyurethane and knowing how many coats of polyurethane to lay down is important when going ahead with your DIY project.

Urethane is a sealer that is used to protect many types of products, but is most often used to seal decorative concrete and stone. Many polyurethane items are also referred to as urethane. These sealers provide a barrier to protect wood, concrete and other items from heat, excessive cold and moisture. Varathane provides outstanding scratch and stain resistance to keep your interior wood projects looking great longer.

It is also low odor, which makes it suitable to be used indoors on a range of surfaces. This is a high-quality polyurethane that is guaranteed to stay clear over time, as it is non-yellowing. This is a fast-drying polyurethane that is convenient to use.

For years, oil-based polyurethane products have been the go-to picks of flooring professionals. Oil-based polyurethane products were considered superior in terms of longevity and durability. However, waterborne finishes have undergone quite a few improvements. Nowadays, many water-based products are just as durable as oil-based finishes. Better yet, they have much faster drying times, they smell less, and they don’t yellow. These application methods work excellently on large horizontal areas.

As stated above, Minwax can be in two forms, oil-based and water-based too. The properties and usage of both types of poly shades are different. Water-based minwax polyshade is durable and best for coatings. Varathane products tend to be more expensive than the Minwax products.

The fast-dry nature of this product coupled with its durability makes it a great choice. In terms of cost, it is also a great deal as it sits comfortably between the extremes of ‘cheap’ and ‘expensive’. This Minwax product has a low odor, dries fast, and is crystal clear.

It is highly regarded for its ability to meet the various demands regarding the performance and appearance of floors. This poly is of incredible value as it is made from a tested and verified formula to give the clients great waterborne poly. This poly is made of chemical resistant products which increase scratch resistance.

Just ruined an entire set of shelves I built because I followed this advice. The water based poly raised the grain of the wood and now to get it smooth again I’d have to sand down the wood which is taking off the oil based stain that I did weeks ago. This is a highly durable polyurethane that can protect your wood from a range of different damages. This is a crystal-clear varnish that will improve the appearance of your wooden furnishings and surfaces by bringing out the natural grain and colors. This polyurethane is fast drying as it does so in less than two hours and it can cover up to 150 square feet.


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